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The Chiringuito and Valencian beachlife

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

When we welcome our guests we are often asked what is definitely not to be missed in Valencia…

June Verwijs reports: "one of those things are: the Chiringuitos! Everywhere in Spain you will find them; beachbars. The attractive open huts line Valencia’s sandy beaches from half of May till approximately the end of September.

One of those highlights we are looking forward to every year!

The word Chiringuito was brought to Spain by Spaniards who emigrated to South and Central America in the 19th and 20th centuries and then returned to Spain. When they returned they would order a Chiringuito when they wanted a coffee, a word used by Cubans who worked on sugar plantations to refer to how the coffee they made would filter through a stocking squirted out like a stream (Chorro or Chiringo).

On the whole Valencian coast you will find so many Chiringuitos that it will be difficult to choose the one you will like the most.

From the early mornings the Chiringuitos serve you coffee, softdrinks, wine, beer, cocktails and small tapas.

You can rent a sunbed and a beach umbrella or lay your towel on the beach. Rules are not so strict: you can even bring your own drinks and food if you prefer.

Therefore, a Chiringuito is the perfect place to spend those long summer evenings. In the morning people often cycle to the beach to start the day with a refreshing dip and an ice-coffee with a small breakfast.

Others meet family or friends in the evening or play tennis, volleyball or dance close to the Chiringuitos.

Especially during the weekend people like to spend the half of the night at the beach. At 03.00 at night you will still hear music everywhere, from young to older we enjoy the sea breeze, each others company and the sound of the waves."

In Valencia summer is a state of mind; vacation vibes on deck!

Pictures: June Verwijs



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