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June tells...

Why Valencia

Four years ago I discovered Valencia during a solo city trip. Because Valencia offers the ideal opportunity to combine culture and beach, I decided to extend my stay from a few days to a week. Back in the Netherlands, I felt that Valencia had much more to offer me and I decided to return every month. Exactly six months later the
day that I finally settled in this beautiful city. 
After completing my studies in Tourism, the work experience gained in this industry and my part-time History course, I ran a company in medical devices for the needy for many years. Totally different from each other in this one
different sectors, a fact that is very important to me kept coming to the surface: communicating with people is in my character.
Organizing and arranging is not only a quality that I have developed, but also what makes me personally happy! Helping people, referring and advising them has become second nature to me. A skill that I have been able to use with great pleasure and satisfaction, especially in Valencia, in recent years.


June Get Involved Valencia

Why Get Involved


Over the years, I have unconsciously become a 'source of information', where everyone can go for help, advice or tips. Many an evening when we share a delicious bottle of wine with friends on a terrace, I find myself speaking to a 'lost tourist' in an unguarded moment. I am happy to help you wherever possible.  

I would like to build my own company again. The big thinking about the 'what, how and why' began. Often an answer is just 'at your feet'. From my interests, my studies but especially my personal experiences, Get Involved was born!

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