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Yoga Retreat

Only 30 minutes from Valencia Center we offer you a complete package of yoga retreats, coaching, meditation, psychology and a week full of healthy lifestyle. Everything you need to recharge your battery!

Do you have the feeling that sometimes the days pass by… You are running through- and living your busy life. Maybe you are handling it all very well but you have the feeling that you need more hours in a day. Or maybe you are struggling and you are looking for peace, happiness, answers. No matter who or in which situation you are in… If you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions then allow yourself to step out of the rush.


Take a small break and find your true nature and happiness inside you.

Yoga retreat Valencia

At our beautiful location, surrounded by nature, every day starts with a yoga class. When the early morning sun warms the mountains, green fields and the trees... The birds wake up and begin to sing their ode to the new day. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel your normal daily life, your worries and problems slowly become less important than they seem.

Our retreats are organized by two certified yoga teachers who have more than 10 years of experience in group and individual yoga classes, mindfulness and spiritual exercises. Their company is built on personal experience, personal life lessons, passion, love and a huge heart for every human and animal living on earth.  


The retreats are known from Dutch television. 

Retreat: €1120,- per week  



  • daily yoga classes;

  • Ayurvedic massage incl. lecture; 

  • 2 beautiful hikes in nature;

  • Yoga therapy sessions; 

  • workshop;

  • On request: personal assignments to boost your progress;

  • 5 nights in a double room (single room: +€125); 

  • All meals and snacks, coffee, tea and water;

  • Conversation about your personal development when you are at home

Pick-up/drop-off service from and to the airport of Valencia: €15

Throughout the week (vegetarian) breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are served; fresh and homemade with colourful, local products. Because food provides energy and energy is crucial for personal development, our meals stabilize and increase your energy level. Instead of being tired after a meal, you will feel satisfied and happy. We teach you how to adapt the daily meals to your personal wishes and circumstances.  

Let your body relax during our Ayurvedic massage, followed by a lecture.  

The venue is big and spacious... So if you feel the need to be alone, you will always find a place to just be yourself. Sit in silence or take a walk in the area. If you want to chat or have fun with the other guests, a pleasant swimming pool awaits you!

“You don't have any control about things which happen in life, but you do have a choice how to deal with those things. You are responsible for your own happiness. It is our task to help and support you to find out how to be happy, how to find happiness in you and how to increase this happiness.”

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