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Wine tasting

“The best way to learn about wine is… To drink it”.  


Holidays, the Spanish sun and good wine… is there anything left to wish for? Take part in one of our cozy wine tastings. 

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A choice of our delicious wine tastings:  


Wine tasting of 1.5 hours

Get involved in this wine tasting in a cozy bar or on a terrace in the beautiful historic center of Valencia!


Our Dutch sommelier will tell you all the secrets about wine and teach you the ' tricks of the trade ' called 'wine tasting'. In this 1.5-hour fun wine tasting you will learn to recognize the various ingredients, smells and flavors of your well-filled glass.  

Wine tasting of 2 hours

This wine tasting is given in a beautiful garden in the old historic center of Valencia, seen as one of the better tastings in Valencia and ... is given by our young enthusiastic Dutch sommelier. 

Wine tasting of 1.5 hours: €40 pp


  • 3 Fine wines (1 white, 1 red and 1 cava)

  • Complete wine tasting and explanation (1.5 hours)

  • Delicious variety of tapas

Wine tasting of 2 hours: €45 pp


  • An aperitif

  • 5 Spanish wines (3 red and 2 white)

  • Complete wine tasting and explanation (2 hours)

  • Various tapas

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