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Street Art Tour

The fact that the city center has hundreds of historic buildings, a great park and the sea and beach a stone's throw away are not the only reasons to leave the car or bus aside…

Street art: Valencia is showered with it!

World-famous artists such as Julieta, End, Escif and Blu have left their works all over the city. In addition, there is also plenty of work by less big names, supplemented with graffiti tags from hobbyists.

Some works in Valencia are meters in size and hide ‘ugly’ walls. The el Carmen district in particular has become a succession of Street art over the years. While graffiti in some cities in the world means a degradation, in Valencia this is a true art and a highlight not to be missed!

Our guide will give you an insight into this Valencian open-air museum. During this fun tour he will tell you the meanings of the artworks and take you through small alleys with beautiful Street art that you would definitely have missed if you had to find it on your own.

Admiring the many street art you almost forget that you are walking past the most famous century-old historic buildings of the city center. Our guide will certainly remind you of that: a 2 in 1 tour!

Get Involved in the World of Art and Culture!

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