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Personal Training

What could be more attractive than a workout in our beautiful Turia Park, the green lungs of Valencia? We offer you  Personal Training to keep your body in shape.


In 1957, the Turia River overflowed, wreaking havoc in the center of Valencia. It killed at least 81 persons in Valencia and is known for the largest flood in history in the city. In response to the tragedy, the Spanish government devised and implemented the 'Plan Sur' that diverted the city's main river.

Today, this part of the Turia is a 9 km park, a recreational area that makes Valencia unique. Every day many activities take place in the parc, including this sporty training!

Make the most of your stay and stay healthy in Valencia's fresh air and sunshine!

Personal training Valencia

Personal Training: €17 per session  


  • Intensive workout of 1 hour  

  • Diet plan help

From morning to night, residents and tourists alike gather in the park to socialize or go about their daily workout. After a day's work you meet your trainer who will help you to stay fit, achieve sports goals and feel energized. This way you have the opportunity not only to continue your job in the Valencian sun, but also to keep control of your (mental) health.

Together with you we can draw up a personal nutrition plan and if necessary we advise you where you can buy your healthy Spanish ingredients to prepare your meals.

Our trainers are qualified and registered fitness coaches with years of experience in personal and group training in London, UK. Personal training is possible on every day of the week. We try to fit your training into your work schedule.


Contact us for more information and to put together your personal program!

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