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Personal Development Retreat

Would you like to walk through nature or just read a book while enjoying a good glass of wine? You can enjoy yourself at Casa el Diamante Verde. Stroll down the mountains via one of the many hiking trails or settle down in a quiet corner by the pool and enjoy the sun. You can prepare your meals in the open kitchen in the garden… have a nice meal with other guests if you feel like it or join our Paella cooking workshop in the garden!


We promise you that you will board the plane home charged and full of new ideas!

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Individual retreat

With us you can book an individual retreat where you will stay in a beautiful villa in the countryside of Valencia. The big advantage of this retreat is: you don't have to join a group. When you feel the great need to come to yourself and take a step back… you can. 

This 4-day retreat consists of morning meditations, coaching conversations, two Touch or Matrix treatments, a silent walk and a singing bowl or Reiki treatment. Everything to put you on the positive path and give you plenty of energy again! 

Group retreat

Get Involved Valencia invites you to a group retreat in the countryside of Valencia. 

During a full weekend program you will learn how the so-called 'law of attraction' can apply to you. The law of attraction is always and everywhere. For everyone. We are talking about awareness and eliminating possible obstacles in your life. 

Individual retreat: €795,-


  • 3 nights in a double room 

  • 3 morning meditations

  • 2 coaching conversations

  • 2 Touch of Matrix treatments

  • Silent walk in the nature around the Villa,

  • Guided Singing Bowl Meditation or Reiki Treatment


  • Flight and transfer

  • Meals

Group retreat: €599,-



  • 3- 6 June 2022

  • October 7- 10, 2022


  • Full weekend program

  • Stay in a double room

  • All meals and drinks

  • A 1 on 1 Touch or Matrix session  


  • Flight and transfer

The above retreats take place at our beautiful location Casa el Diamante Verde. There is no more relaxing place than this guesthouse in the green nature that surrounds Valencia.


When staying at Casa el Diamante Verde, numerous therapies can be booked as an extra for a wonderful stay. Think of a Touch or Matrix treatment, a singing bowl meditation, Aromatic massage or frequency therapy.

Would you like to know more about the retreats or the therapies and activities on offer?  Do not hesitate to contact us! Together with you we put together a few beautiful days with what you need.

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