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Indulge in some well-deserved rest and enjoy the benefits of a massage in a quiet atmosphere. Massages are a great way to relieve muscle tension and are therefore a must add to your holidays. After a warm day at the beach, a stroll through the city or a long day of remote work… a massage is the perfect gift to yourself. 


We offer 9 different types of massages...

Massage Valencia

Massage: from €55  


Choice of:

  • reflex therapy

  • Craneo facial relaxation + foot massage

  • Swedish massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Holistic relaxation with hot essential oil

  • Body balance massage

  • Trigger Point Technique

  • Hot Stones Massage + Aromatherapy

  • Chakra's balance with crystal therapy

Reflex therapy (45 minutes)

After a day of sightseeing, you may need to rest tired feet and restore your body's associated overall well-being.

Reflexo therapy is an energetic massage. This massage technique is based on the knowledge that each part of your body responds to a specific pressure point on your feet. By pressing these reflex points, the whole body can relax and is brought back into balance.

Reflexology is a natural healing and relaxation technique for the psychophysical body. It stimulates circulation and the endocrine glands.

Craneo facial relaxation + foot massage (25 min. Craneo+ 24 min. foot)

A head massage is intended to improve energy flow by massaging the head, neck, shoulders, upper body and face. The result is long-lasting relaxation and a calm mind throughout the day. What more could you want, you're on vacation!  


In addition to reducing stress, the massage can reduce pain, increase energy levels, and improve overall physical and mental performance. Massaging the entire face with light to medium pressure can support circulation, stimulate cell renewal and give any complexion a healthy glow.

Swedish massage (60 min. or 90 min.)

Relax your body and soothe tense muscles with the classic Swedish massage technique. This massage relieves congestion while promoting blood flow to the skin and muscles.


Massage relieves mental, physical and emotional stress and muscle tension throughout the body.  It has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, helps the body eliminate harmful substances and accelerate metabolism.

Deep tissue massage (60 min. or 90 min.)
It is an extremely effective method of relaxing chronically affected areas of the body due to overuse or physical trauma. (Physical activities, work and sports).

We use massage techniques to provide relaxation and pain relief. The muscles and connective tissue (fascia) in the deeper layers are treated. Imagine; after a long day of remote work you want to relax and feel good. Then a relaxing massage is one of the most productive things you can do!

Holistic relaxation with hot essential oil (75 min.)
Are you looking for a solution to relieve the body of stress, lack of sleep and tense muscles? Thanks to a holistic relaxing massage with hot essential oils, you integrate both body and mind. One of the best massages to get the most out of your vacation experience!

Body balance massage (45 min. back + 25 min. reflexology)
The body balance massage helps to tighten the muscles and knots of the back and ultimately experience a pleasant foot massage for tired feet. It is an extremely effective method of relaxing chronically affected areas of the body due to overuse or physical trauma. (physical activities, work and sports).

Reflexology is an energy massage, based on the realization that each part of the body reacts to a specific point on the feet and by pressing these reflex points, the whole body can relax and come into balance.

Trigger point technique (75 min.)
A technique that successfully relieves deep muscle knots in the body. The goal of trigger point therapy is to relax or soften the muscle knot, reducing/eliminating pain and large nodules and making the body much more flexible.

With the right technique you will experience relief immediately after one trigger point massage! It is advisable to repeat until your body feels light again and large knots are no longer noticed.


Hot Stones Massage + Aromatherapy (75 min.)
Hot stone massage in combination with aromatherapy has been proven to remove physical and emotional blockages. It relaxes muscles, softens hard tissues, promotes circulation and accelerates the elimination of waste from the body.

During the Hot Stone massage, organic essential oils are used. It relieves tension, brings body, mind and soul back into balance. The energy is regulated and calms the body.

Balancing chakras with crystal therapy (50 min. massage 20 min. Reiki)

This type of therapy relieves stress, eliminates pain, destroys and relaxes old energy blocks and strengthens the immune system.  This special massage combines the positive effects of massage on the one hand and the deep energy effects of crystals on the other.  


In this way, many problems are effectively alleviated, because we influence both levels (physical and energetic) simultaneously, we look for the causes or possible blockages and we restore the balance.

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