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Overcome your fears and get involved in the fun! Our climbing and water activities are outdoor activities suitable for everyone. A great opportunity to get acquainted with these great sports in a very safe way.

Our guide will explain everything to youto climb, coaches you and puts you at ease. Also or especially if you are afraid of heights; climbing is a must try. Rock climbing is great and an exciting way to connect with nature and have fun: breathe fresh air, touch the rocks and boost your confidence!


This activity is perfect for team building or school events. When you reach the top of the wall you will be extremely proud of yourself, you are a climber!


Duration: 3 hours

Transport to the location: 35 min to 1.5 hours 



Anyone without advanced climbing skills can do this activity. Our guide will explain to you how to wear and use the harness, helmet and a Via Ferrata kit. By being secured at all times you can take on any challenge! Climb the vertical way!

Duration: 3 hours


Canyoningis one of those great outdoor summer activities that allows you to discover the usually inaccessible canyons in a safe and fun way. You wade and swim through rivers, find yourself abseiling, jumping and sliding off rocks. This activity is especially fun for a group… you will do things you never thought you would do.


Canyoning is an experience often booked for team building, to make new friends, to overcome fears in an easy way or simply by those who go for one of the most fun activity in Valencia!

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