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Not everyone knows that Valencia is much more than just a city. A city where centuries-old history, art, culture and miles of beaches come together on a relatively small area. Did you know that, for example, in just a 30-minute drive you can get to the vast mountains of the Comunidad Valenciana?

Hundreds of different hiking trails, from simple to challenging, offer you a unique opportunity to experience Valencia's untouched nature. Walk through forests, walk meter high cliffs in the south with breathtaking views or find yourself face to face with young mountain goats or a herd of curious
deer. Drink Spanish wine and enjoy typical authentic dishes in almost abandoned Spanish villages…

We organize many different and varied hikes for all levels. Do not hesitate to contact us for a complete overview of what we have on offer. Also a personal, private hike can be put together. Together with you we choose the hike that meets your needs.

Hiking Valencia

Hike the Peñón de Ifach (Calpe) and visit Altea

One of the symbols of the Costa Blanca is the Peñón de Ifach, from which one has an impressive view over Calpe and the Mediterranean Sea. Since ancient times, the area has been dominated by this mighty rock.


This amazing monument is home to numerous rare examples of local plant life, 300 different animal species and is an annual nesting site for many colonies of seabirds.


The Peñón de Ifach is probably best not climbed if heights aren't your thing, but you don't have to be a mountaineer to access the rock either, as there are good accessible trails that slowly wind up the mountainside.  


After we have climbed this impressive rock, we take a refreshing dip in the blue sea and enjoy our well-deserved lunch. When we have energy again we drive to the picturesque village of Altea.


The old town of Altea is one of the gems of the Costa Blanca, made up of a labyrinth of immaculate white houses, full of plants and colorful flowers, beautiful cobbled streets and stairs that give the place a lovely Mediterranean flair. 

Hike Peñón de Ifach: €75 - €150

(contact us for price quote)

Technical data of the route

  • Distance: 4.6 km

  • Highest point: 350m

  • Duration: approx. 2.5 hours approx.

  • departure time Valencia: 09:30, return time: 19:00

  • Including: Coffee or tea in the morning, 1.5 bottle of water per person

Hike Pena Cortada

Just 50 minutes from Valencia we have the opportunity to walk the Ruta del Agua. A unique route! We walk through rock-cut crevices, bridges and tunnels.


The walk is on an easily walkable path along numerous natural springs of water. You will be surprised by the variety of plants, green colors and fruits that we will find during this walk. We have a drink in the village of Chelva and we eat our lunch.
After the break we continue our way towards the Roman Aqueduct; The Pena Cortada. Via a medium level path, during this impressive second part of the tour we can admire the monumental construction of the Acueducto de Peña Cortada, a building from Roman Hispania (1st century AD).


The Ruta del Agua in combination with the Peña Cortada is perhaps one of the most popular walking routes in Valencia. 

Hike Peña Cortada : €75 - €150

(contact us for price quote)

Technical data of the route

  • Distance: 14 km

  • Maximum height 406 m

  • Departure time Valencia: 09.30 am

  • Return time: 19.00

  • Including: Coffee or tea in the morning, 1.5 bottle of water per person

Hike around Montanejos and swim in the Hot Springs

The quiet, originally Arab town of Montanejos offers a range of options for every hiker. We walk one of the most impressive routes which leads us above and below the Maimona ravine. Of course we end with a swim in the famous Hot Springs!

The route starts with a short ascent from the village of Montanejos to the top of the Canyon. Here we walk over and along meters high mountains and we discover an overwhelming landscape. Vultures fly overhead, looking for something to eat.
If we lower our voices a bit, we will certainly come across mountain goats or deer that will stare at us curiously. After lunch we cross the river and continue our way along the river and through the ravine. Along the way we will see many well-trained climbers who find their way to the top perpendicularly.

We end the day at the favorite hot spring "Fuente de los Banos", a beautiful clear blue water source full of minerals where small fish nibble at your feet.

Hike Montanejos and Hot Springs : €75 - €150

(contact us for price quote)

Technical data of the route

  • Distance: 10.22 km

  • Highest point: 495 m

  • Duration: approx. 3 hours

  • Departure time Valencia: 9:30 AM, return time: 7:00 PM

  • Incl: Coffee or tea in the morning, 1.5 bottle of water per person

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