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Bike tours

The best way to explore Valencia is… by bike. Try one of our cycling tours. Accompanied by enthusiastic friends you will explore our 'city of oranges'. We also love to who not to take you to hidden corners which you will not easily find if you go cycling alone.

City tour Valencia (start at the beach)

The highlights of the city… of course a tour not to be missed! First we visit the modern City of Sciences, located in our famous Turia Park. The start of this tour is this unique part of Valencia, created by the famous architect Calatrava. From here we follow our tour on bike paths to one of the ancient gates of the historic city, the Serranos Towers. We visit the Plaza de la Virgen and see all the highlights of the 'old Valencia'.

Or start in the old center

In this bike tour we have three full hours to discover the beauty and history of Valencia. We start in the heart of the city center where we are surprised on every street corner by a historical, distant past. Enjoy the stories of our enthusiastic tour guide!


Cycling through the huge Turia Park we arrive at the City of Arts and Sciences, one of the highlights of the city!  All roads in Valencia lead to the sea. Here you can enjoy the beautiful free beach, take a dip in the Mediterranean sea,  or have a cocktail at one of the many restaurants.  


Do you want to keep your bike for a few more days? That is possible… Inquire with us for the possibilities!

We conclude the tour with a free drink.

Duration: 3 hours (10 km).

Includes: a bicycle and a drink.

Languages: English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French


This tour can also be booked as a private tour. Please contact us for a quote.


We recommend doing this tour at the beginning of your vacation. This way you have a good impression of which highlights you want to visit during your stay. Of course you get a lot of free information about where to eat the best Spanish food and where to drink delicious wine!


Sea, water and sandy beaches tour

Driving along the beach we will show you the neighborhood close to the sea. One of the nicest things about sunny Valencia are the kilometers of wide beaches and the Mediterranean Sea. In this area we find neighborhoods like Cabanyal and Malvarossa, where fishermen used to live. Here you can still taste the typical atmosphere of the fishing district. In the decorative streets with early 20th-century buildings you can see the locals sitting peacefully on their doorstep.

Duration: 2 hours (10 km).

Includes: a bicycle and a drink.


A must tour to explore the areas around the beach. Not many tourists explore these neighborhoods. After the tour you can immediately continue your way to the beach. Rent a bed at one of the many chiringuitos (beach bars) and order a cocktail. It is vacation; enjoy it!


Horchata tour

Of course you know that Valencia is famous for its Paella, tasty oranges and the delicious drink Agua de Valencia. But there is also 'Horchata', a variety of sweet drinks made from grains, ground nuts and spices. It resembles milk and the basis of this drink is the chufa (tiger nut), which grows in the municipality of Alboraya (the Huerta of Valencia, the agricultural land).

We pass through Valencian farms (barracas) and stop at a traditional horchateria. Here we will taste the horchata and can try some local pastries.

Duration: 3 hours (20 km)

Includes: a bicycle and a drink. A tour for a​​ explore an area where not many tourists come.

Albufera, nature and boat trip

A complete tour towards Albufera, a natural park about 12 km south of the city. Albufera is an Arabic word "Al Buhayra" and means 'little sea'. The Albufera Natural Park is an ecosystem known for its pristine forests, rice fields, dune beaches, hundreds of different species of birds and the largest natural lake in Spain. This unspoilt area is the main area for the traditional Valencian dish: Paella.

We drive along the coast through the port of Valencia, the busiest port in the Mediterranean. From here we follow our way along the beaches, cross dunes and see the flora and fauna of the village of El Saler.

At Albufera Lake we board a small boat and enjoy our lunch on the water. After a relaxed boat trip we drive back to Valencia.

Duration: 4 hours (30 km)

Including: bike, packed lunch and drink


The River Turia Tour

The 1957 Valencia flood was a natural disaster that happened in 1957. In response to the tragedy, the Spanish government issued the Plan Sur, which diverted the city's main river, the Turia. Today, this part of the Turia River is Valencia's famous green multi-purpose Turia Park.

We're going to the City of Arts and Sciences, a modern masterpiece! Cycling on cycle paths, we admire the old bridges of Valencia and explore the 'green lungs of the city'. In this park, all residents meet, exercise and come together for a drink and a chat. After a stop in the old town, we drive back to our starting point.

Duration: 2 hours (15 km).

Including: a bike and a drink


Hidden corners on the bike

Discover the hidden corners of Valencia. Get off the beaten track and find those precious gems that are lesser known. Where exactly are you going and what do you see? Discover it through our 'hidden corner by bike tour'…

Duration: 3 hours (15 km).

Includes: a bicycle and a drink. Book the tour if you want us to surprise you. See the things others will ignore simply because they don't know where to look!

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