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E-scooter tour

Would you like to explore the city in a fun way?

It's e-scooter time!


Discover all the special places of Valencia on an e-scooter! Moving around the city by e-scooter, also known as e-step is one of the most popular ways for as well inhabitants as tourists. So take your chance and 'whiz' through the sunniest city in Europe.

We will meet you at our bicycle and e-scooter rental. Goodmorning and welcome to sunny Valencia! Here we will clearly explain you how to drive an e-scooter and be sure that you will be totally comfortable. 

The historic center of Valencia, el Carmen will be our starting point. Off we go! Because you will always drive short distances from highlight to highlight, you will soon be totally comfortable on your e-scooter and notice that an e-scooter is absolutely not scary but fun! 

During the tour we will give you enough time to take a look at which you will definitely want to come back later. Take a sneak peak at the famous central market. Prepare yourself for the beautiful colors of fruit, the endless choices in cheeses, delicious ham and special fish, fresh from the fish auction. 

An early glass of wine at 10 am with some tapas at the Central Bar; it's all very common in Valencia... 

We will tell you the history behind the largest street festival in Europe; las Fallas... and show you our favorite personal spots in the city. Time for a break on a terrace? We will be happy to fulfill your wishes, so everything is possible.  

We will 'whiz' through the famous Turia Park towards the City of Arts and Sciences, created by the famous architect Calatrava. Did you know that there is a lot to tell about this complex... you will surprised by the story and... we have some personal experiences to share! 
That is- according to our guests- the plus of our tours; not the 'boring' information, but a mix of history, practical information mixed with our personal experiences. All this in a relaxed atmosphere, complemented by a small touch of humor. 

From the City of Arts and Sciences we will go through the Turia Park back towards the center where you can enjoy lunch on a terrace (Paella... a must!) or go for shopping in the many small boutiques. The city is yours! 

It is obvious; the keyword of our E-scooter tour is 'personal'. We consider our customers as 'guests'. And even the word 'friends' might perhaps be a better term. So please, let us know your wishes and together with we will create an unforgettable memory. 

Includes: e-scooter, personal guide, a bottle of water

Languages: English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French

Price: from 55,- (Contact us for an exact quote).

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