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Casa Tristana

We are still investigating the origin of Tristana. Many local residents can tell that the property once belonged to a wealthy person, thinking of a location where people used to collect taxes. Casa Tristana is therefore the largest building in the village and can rightly be called a gem.  


During a stay at Casa Tristana, time will not only stand still for a while, but you will even get the feeling of going back in time. The valley surrounding the village is green all year round. When the cherry trees are in bloom you will be able to see the most beautiful blossom in Vall de Gallinera. The valley, which has been occupied by the Moors for six centuries, still bears its memories of this time: white villages, narrow little streets, ruins and ancient fortresses.  


Imagine waking up with the happy song of birds. A new day dawns... slowly the village awakens. A dog barks frantically at a passing tractor. An old gentleman shuffles through the street, on his way to 'his' bench where he has his daily morning chat with his friends. Old ladies do their weekly laundry in the local fountain, as in the old days.  


After a good breakfast you can enjoy a day in nature. Grab your bike and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Or walk one of the many hiking trails in the area, after which you will of course take a dip in the swimming pool of Casa Tristana and end the day with a good book and a nice glass of wine.  


Casa Tristana promises you an optimally relaxed holiday!  


6 ensuite rooms are being realized as well as a spacious entrance hall with fireplace, an indoor and outdoor area with bar and a swimming pool with terrace.  


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